Careers at Monarch begin with our specialized hiring process. Monarch’s full-time Recruiter reviews resumes for job tenure, education, & experience, and conducts extensive telephone screenings to review and evaluate:

  • Educational background
  • Employment history
  • Previous collections experience
  • Telephone mannerisms
  • Reasons behind seeking employment at Monarch

Monarch’s Recruiter, with over 24 years of experience in the recovery industry, has determined that the best collectors are assertive, people-oriented, multi-taskers who can think quickly on their feet. Monarch’s Recruiter uses behavioral interview techniques such as role-play to determine how an applicant may handle difficult situations and to evaluate the candidate’s pitch and negotiation style.

Once a candidate is chosen, an offer of employment is extended and is contingent upon satisfactory completion of reference checks, educational background checks, and criminal background checks. After the pre-employment screening is conducted and satisfactory results returned, Monarch’s Recruiter confirms the offer and schedules training.

Once hired, collection personnel are trained for a period of 15 business days. Monarch’s Trainer conducts orientation and training for the first 3 days on topics that include: company policies, the FDCPA, other state and federal laws, client-specific policies, introduction to the collection call process, negotiations, deadlines, vehicles of payment, money sources, the Monarch Pitch, and introduction to the collection system.

After successful completion of these components and a test to measure knowledge retention, Monarch’s Operations team takes over to expand on the learned knowledge base and to introduce the dialer system. Trainees continue working with the Operations team to reinforce the topics learned during classroom instruction with “real-life” examples. Once ready to graduate, trainees are released to regular Collection groups.

In addition to new hire training, Monarch’s Trainer conducts annual training on various topics such as the FDCPA and other state and federal laws as well as client-specific policies.  An annual exam is given to all collection personnel and a minimum score of 90% is required to pass.

Company Culture

Monarch’s owners and management team know that their fundamental responsibility is to create,  to communicate, and to reinforce company policies that ensure our corporate values and mission will flow through all employee interactions, be they within the walls of our call centers or in every single communication with our clients and customers.

Positions Available

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