Debt Recovery Solutions by Monarch Recovery Management, Inc.

At Monarch Recovery Management, our mission is to help businesses recover outstanding debt through best practices and the latest third party collections technology, resulting in the highest level of compliance, performance and satisfaction.

We apply a powerful combination of services in order to achieve financial debt recovery for our clients.

Debt Recovery Services Include:

  • New Placement Review: Beginning on day one, Monarch’s debt collectors begin debt recovery for your accounts by making contact with your consumers and conducting skip tracing searches. At Monarch, we make a minimum of four phone attempts every week on all new accounts with a valid phone number, within the guidelines of the FDCPA. All interactions with consumers are documented and consumers’ account information is updated accordingly.
  • Advanced Skip Tracing Waterfall: When accounts come to Monarch with outdated contact information, we perform skip tracing activities to attempt to locate the consumer. Skip tracing begins with an automatic comparison of the entire client file against the National Change of Address (NCOA) database. This process helps to minimize returned letters due to inactive mailing addresses. At Monarch, we routinely research and test new tools and methods to enhance our skip tracing process.
  • Arranging Promises to Pay: On all consumer contacts, Monarch’s collectors follow the most stringent compliance standards. The collector then follows our payment term guidelines to ensure that we are obtaining the best possible payment arrangement. In order to determine a fair arrangement, Monarch debt collectors explore and validate the consumer’s financial situation and ability to pay.

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